3 Unique Dining Table Design Ideas

If you are the kind of person who likes strange and unique things, read this article to complete! Especially for those of you who are looking for inspiration to design your home with unique furniture as well. It could not hurt to make something new, which is different from the others. Because something different it would be something unique and well liked by many people. Let’s look at our article, we recommend some ideas about the unique dining table for you!

Foldable Wood Dining Table

For those of you who have a narrow room but still want to design your house as good and luxurious as possible, then you should try this folding wooden table. This dining table you can fold, when you open the folds, you can turn this table into a dining table as well as a chair for you and your family to sit. Very efficient and funny, is not it? This table design can be found in several online stores or ordering yourself at your nearest offline store.

The Hidden Table on the Wall

The second recommendation, is the dining table hidden on the wall. At a glance, your room is seen only a few chairs, a kitchen and cooking utensils. But when you open a fold that is on your wall, be a table that can be used to put your wife’s delicious cuisine and to chat with your family. Very practical for those of you who have a house with a room that is not too big but want a unique design and just want a little big stuff in it.

Table Wood Sliding

You invite two of your friends for dinner? Oops, it turns out your friends bring their children and husbands so you need more chairs and bigger tables. Just relax, this sliding timber table can be the solution. This dining table provides a solution for you with a sliding system. You simply shift both sides on the table, and be an elongated dining table!

Billiard Dining Table

For the creativity of billiard table design is a new creativity unique to you. This table is perfect for you lover billiard game. Without bothering to spend a lot of money to buy both tables and billiard tables separately, you simply buy this table. It can also save your space especially for those of you who have a narrow room. Really meet your natural needs as well as can be entertainment for you. After eating, you want to play billiard? Just pull the table underneath, andthe billiard table appears!

Well, how? Which table inspires you? Please try!