All About Butcher Block Dining Table

A butcher is a person who slaughters animals, dresses (peels, removes organs, and cleans meat after slaughter), sells meat, or a combination of the three jobs. They can prepare standard pieces of meat, poultry, or fish and shellfish for sale in various food businesses such as restaurants, retail shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, butchers, fish markets, slaughterhouses or other entrepreneurs.

Inspired by the butcher

A butcher certainly needs a medium that fulfills to do his work. Like a meat knife, a cork, and of course a meat-cutting table. A butchers can not use the usual dinner table, because for the dressing process they have to grapple with a sharp, hard knife. Ordinary tables will be damaged and not in accordance with their use. Therefore, a meat cutter should use a meat cutter table so that it can facilitate the work process. But over the times, the idea of meat cutter meat design is not only used by meat-cutter only. But it has also been developed into a table of people in general with different innovations.

The meat table gives the impression of sturdy, natural, and not easily damaged
Innovation and creativity that exist today make the idea of the design of the meat cutter table used as a dining table in general, because it gives the impression of sturdy, natural, and not easily damaged. Meat cutter table is made of wood with a distinctive wooden plitur color, with table legs made of iron or wood that is long and thick

For this design, you can combine it with a thick wooden chair and a shiny wooden plitur color, or it could be by adding a seat so you can be more comfortable when sitting on it. But choose the color of the seat in accordance with the color of wood. But you can also choose a thin chair made of iron. Keep the color of the chair is a neutral color and plain. Such as black, dark brown or light brown, and white.

So, are you interested in enjoying this design?