Gray Dining Table – Firm, ELegant and Soft

For those of you fans of gray, now gray color is present in your favorite furniture. The furniture is a dining table. The gray dining table makes your eating arena softer and soothing. The soft gray and unobtrusive colors make the atmosphere feel more dim and make the atmosphere more calm.

Gray is a color that is firm, elegant, and soft

Gray color is a mixture between black and white. Mixing of both neutral colors will also form a neutral and soft color. Gray color can be combined with various colors because of its neutral nature. The gray color is a firm color when it is at the level of a dark gray color. For furniture, users are mostly gray men. But not a few also women who wear gray. Most women prefer a light gray color because it looks smoother and feminine.

Gray dining table made of wood

Wood as the main material in making a furniture. A gray dining table is perfect when combined with gray. Gray dining table can be long, oval, or round. Gray color on the table can be given at the foot of the table, or full body on the table. However, if you want the color gray just a sweetener, you can give a touch of gray on the base of the table only. Gray dining table can be combined with a seat where the base uses a soft mat (seats) red or maroon. The blend of gray and red colors into a perfect blend of colors.

What do you think? The gray color is a distinctive and inconspicuous color. Suitable for use as your dining table color. Gray color is identical with the theme of a minimalist house that is often combined with objects such as glass and carpet.