Furnishings such as dining tables and chairs are a very important element for a dining room. If we just stick to the functional side only, then a set of dining table will not give more value to a dining room. In fact, the dining room can be the main focus in the interior decoration scheme of a house. One way is to choose furniture that has a unique design and structure and nice.

Modern dining table design

Max PTK is a designer from Ukraine who had been imagining the existence of dining room with additional furniture with an unusual design. Then he made it happen in the form of a set of dining tables and chairs with a very admirable design. Different from tables and chairs in general. A set of furniture consists of four chairs and a dining table.

The design of dining tables and chairs is very elegant, beautiful, minimalist and modern. What makes it look different is the involvement of glass on the structure of the table and chair. The glass is used as an additional leg to support the chairs and tables, then the application of glass on the table and chair makes a set of furniture look slimmer. Whether on a desk or chair, the glass is mounted on only two sides. In the chair, the glass makes it look standing with just the front legs only. Although the legs are mostly made of glass, but you need not doubt the strength of the furniture. In addition, dining tables and chairs are designed to give you comfort as a user.

Only use wood base material

Max PTK uses wood base material to make the furniture. There are two theme options that are natural wood color, and white color with a beautiful yellow, green and blue accents. The corners in the furniture are made curved and do not form a pointed angle like tables and chairs in general. He made these tables and chairs look flexible and not stiff. Its size is not too large, making a set of furniture is very adequate when placed in a small dining room though.

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