You want to get a better style look for your home interior? You want to have a dining room with a minimalist and modern design? Of course. The dining room is minimalist and modern also needs modern furniture as well. Customize the theme of the room with your furniture. You can not be arbitrary to combine the theme of the room with your furniture because it will look blocked and uncomfortable to the eye.

Below are some recommendations from us regarding modern dining tables:

Wooden Dining Table

Wooden dining table is not something new anymore for now. However, when you can change it with high creativity, you can turn the wooden table into a high value wooden table. Wood dining table gives the impression of solid, strong, and natural nuances. The wooden dining table can be a modern dining table because the material from the wood itself is easy to carve, carve and color. The wooden dining table can be one of the modern dining tables for you. Choose quality wood, such as teak, sandalwood, and mahogany. You can combine wood material with glass to get the perfect design

Dining table from Glass (no combine with anything)

The glass dining table is a modern dining table. Glass dining table gives the impression of minimalist, modern, luxurious, yet still looks simple. Choose a round glass dining table for small numbers of families, oval and rectangular shapes for large numbers of families. Choose a glass dining table with slender legs or table legs made of marble stone so it can give a firm impression on the table and the glass will not break easily.

Which would be your choice?