You want a barbecue with your lover and family? Or want to warm your food? Want to add fresh fish or octopus in your soup without having to go to the kitchen? Fire pit dining table is the solution. What is a fire pit dining table? Fire pit dining table is a set of dining table in the middle there is a hole that contains fire. Fire you can make with charcoal and lighters, or it could be with a mini barbecue grill. Curious as to what about the fire pit dining table? In this article, we will discuss it further. Check it out fine ..

Fire pit dining table in the backyard (out-door)

Some say that beauty lies in the backyard of your home. That’s true. From the perfect terrace, to a very special barbecue party. But is it efficient if all that you can not manage properly? Of course your budget to make your backyard into a beautiful place is very expensive. Therefore, to save expenses, you can use a fire pit dining table for a barbeque party or your cooking with the family.

To design your backyard into a special place without spending expensive funds, you can use the fire pit dining table. Fire pie dining table you put in the middle of your backyard. For green-grassed yard, choose a wooden fire pit dining table with slender legs. Use a rectangular fire pit dining table. It will make it easier for you and your family to have a party together. If you use a fire pit dining table in the shape of a round it will make you and your family difficult to take the dish. In addition, a wooden table can add a natural impression to your dining area.

Fire Pit Dining Table in your dining room (in-door)

You who love the in-door dining area, can also use the fire pit dining table as your meal with the family. Our advice, use a large legged table or a table with legs together to add to the impression of your dining room becomes more visible.

So, what in-door or out-door fire pit dining table do you choose?

Narrow Dining Table For Narrow Dining Room Area

If you have a house with a small room, but want to have a dining table, what’s wrong? Everyone would want his home to have privacy for his meal. The dining table can be used as a place to brew coffee, make sandwiches, grill burgers, and read magazines. Or as a place to talk with your lover. In this article we will give you a recommendation about narrow dining table. Happy reading! How? Which style do you choose to become your dining area? Please try it ..

Put a small dining table in the corner of the room

Corner area of the room often escape our attention. The corner of the room is considered a place that has no function whatsoever. Instead of just being left empty or filled with stand lamps, use the corner of the room as your dining area. Because the size of the area is limited, then make this dining area look simple, sweet, and neat. Conteklah style by combining two wooden folding chairs with a round-legged round table. In addition to cost-effective, it is also more efficient in utilizing space.

Balcony room? What does it do?

Maybe some of you never thought that the balcony of the room has no function other than to sit back and relax. But try to think again. Your mini room balcony you can use to become a private dining area. Condition, the balcony you have to complete with a fence high enough. Thus, your privacy and family while eating a meal is not disturbed. Make your balcony into a dining area with a comfortable open space by lining the vinyl rug on the floor. In the meantime, you can make this dining room become brighter and more romantic by adding colorful dotted decorations.

Dining dining table design

The design of the dina-style dining is elongated, is perfect for those of you who love the style of contemporary. In addition to saving space, a very practical model makes the room seem to be relieved. This dining table style can be realized by way of ordering it custom in your wooden artisans.

Glass Top Dining Table Design Ideas

Some of you, the design of the house becomes an important thing to note. You want every room in your house, between the color of paint and furniture in accordance with the theme of your home design. For modern design, glass top dining table Is the right choice for you. Because the glass top dining table has a simple shape but still elegant, minimalist, and luxurious impressed.

In this article, we will recommend some type of glass top dining table for you, hope you like!

Glass top dining table Italian standard

For the standard Italian glass top dining table, the price range is around US $ 600 – $900. Glass top dining table Italian standard mimiliki simple impression but still luxurious and elegant. Suitable for use on the type of minimalist themed house. For countries outside of Italy, reservations must be more than 5 pieces of the table, given the postage and customs are quite expensive, so as not to heavy on postage only.

Glass top dining table Chinese standard

For the Chinese standard glass top dining table, the price range is around US $ 500 – $ 850. China’s top standardized glass top dining table is combined with strong iron legs, combined with methalic colors that add to the elegant feel of the table. For countries outside of Chinese, reservations must be more than 5 pieces of the table, given the postage and customs are quite expensive, so as not to heavy on postage only.

Glass top dining table of European standard

For the European standard glass top dining table, the price range is around $ 750 – $ 1.000. In European standards, it is usually combined with strong iron legs with a shiny white color that makes the modern impression more sticky to this design. For countries outside of Europe, reservations must be more than 5 pieces of the table, given the postage and customs are quite expensive, so as not to heavy on postage only.

Modern Office Desk

A modern office desk seems to be another trendy option which is favorable to many people. In this case, for those who feel confused to pick a proper office desk, they are likely to pick the trendy option. The reason is that many people have already been satisfied with the trend. Thus, to follow the trendy choice seems to be the easy way to find a proper office desk. In case your home concept is modern and minimalist, the current trend which many people talk about is a modern desk. It seems to be a recommended option for those who want to set their modern home office with the proper furniture choice immediately.

As you go browsing online, there will be so many options of modern office desk. Here it is important for you to figure out some key points to concern. In fact, the sold options look obviously great so that you probably feel confused to pick one of them. However, one of the points which you should consider is about the match with the home office concept. In example, you have determined that you implement full-white home office, you can start narrowing your options into office desk that support the concept.

By considering the key points comprehensively, it is very possible for you to find a modern office desk that successfully meet your need and fit with your preference. Eventually, as everything is well matched, your home office will look pretty good and importantly feel convenient to the people.

Fold up Desk: Modern People’s Alternative

As many modern people should think over the classic issues such as limited space, it is quite important to be smart in picking the furniture item. It will be terrible suppose you just enhance the room functionality instead of considering about the convenience. You probably can get more facilities but soon will realize that your space does not feel comfortable anymore. As it happens, you are likely to be reluctant to stay for long time in that room. This is why you see many furniture items such as fold up desk, which are developed to look minimalist but functional still. Through this tricky minimalist concept, modern people can be more functional and importantly can live comfortably.

Big furniture is not always a good option. It can be a proper choice for those who have much space probably. However, it can be bad for those who should save much space for movement. In fact, to be minimalist but functional can be the alternative to pick. In example, fold up desk is likely to be the proper alternative in case you are seeking a desk which does not take much space of your room.

The development of this desk has been much advanced. Thus, you do not need to feel worried about the choice scarcity. As fold up desk is available in abundant numbers, you can find an option which mostly fits with your room characteristics. Besides the appearance, you may not forget about the desk dimension. It is what you should seriously concern.

All About Industrial Desk Lamp

Turning your home office to look classic can be implemented through some ways including setting the furniture items which look vintage. It is always interesting to look unique while many people merely lead their home office design to be modern. For those who adore with something classic, to succeed your home office to look vintage can be quite fun. In this case, by setting some supporting furniture items such as industrial desk lamp it is possible for you to set the home office into classic style. With the unique representative furniture items, people that come into the office instantly understand what you mean.

The good news is that the choices of classic furniture items are abundant. Some of you probably perceive that it is difficult to find the old-look furniture items today. In fact, the vintage items such as industrial desk lamp are even easy to find on the online shop. To be classic is likely also to be a trend. As it is a trend, it is possible for you to quickly be attractive. However, it is better for you to include your preferences for choosing your furniture items.

In example, in search of industrial desk lamp, you will have a lot of options. Here you can specify your decision to the one that you feel comfortable to see. It is reasonable to include your preference for deciding the option. As the result, to set it can make you feel proud and does not make you feel bored soon.